Conflict theory perspective states that deviance in an industrial society is behavior that those in control see as threatening to their interests. regarding race, ethnicity and crime, supporters of the conflict perspective believe that minorities receive unequal treatment in the american criminal justice system, especially african american and latinos are dealt with more harshly. latino and african americans are also more likely to be convicted, and they make up one half of jails. victim discounting is also an important topic and its the process of reducing the seriousness of the crimes that injure people of lower status. an important fact to remember about victim discounting is if the victim is less valuable, the crime is less serious, and the punishment with be less severe. White collar crimes are actually pretty common and they are job related crimes comitted by high status people, an example is martha stewart. some cons of race and ethnicity in deviance is it cause disturbance between different cultures.. a pro of the conflict theory perspective would be people trying to protect their community and families like police and fighting against deviance becasue they see it as threatening.

J. Kelly Strade

We are deeply conflicted about white collar crime and punishment. This
conflict is largely born of the government’s use of novel, “gray-area” legal
theories in many high profile white collar prosecutions. Such prosecutions
undermine the integrity and expressive function of our system of white collar
criminalization. These prosecutions also may violate the defendants’
right to fair notice of the possible crimes with which they may be charged.
I argue for a new approach. First, in gray-area cases, we should rely
upon civil and administrative remedies except in extraordinary circumstances.
Second, we should assess whether extraordinary circumstances
exist by examining whether the defendant’s alleged acts caused substantial,
identifiable harm.
To test this approach, I examine three of the most significant economic
fraud investigations and prosecutions of the last 20 years – those of Michael
Milken, Martha Stewart, and the Milberg Weiss law firm. I conclude that
none of the cases warranted criminal prosecution on “gray-area” economic
fraud theories, and that assertion of those theories actually served to undermine
our confidence in white collar criminalization and punishment.

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external image UTR%20prison%20poster%20image.jpgwhite collar crimes happen all the time..There are many ethnic and different race gangs in prisons today...

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